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Hotspot Mode is a simple remote access mode to your controller with the Rain Bird mobile app, bird w2 android. Open the Rain Bird mobile bird w2 android and connect to your controller, bird w2 android.

However, you will not be able to use some of the product features without WiFi bird w2 android, such as notifications, weather data, or daily Automatic Seasonal Adjustments. You will only be able to connect to the controller to make schedule and settings changes to the controller or operate your system manually from the Rain Bird mobile app in Hotspot mode.

Establishing communication to the controller timed out. It attempted to connect to the controller; however, the controller did not respond within an expected amount of time. Try again, as in most cases, congested network connections can cause this to occur, bird w2 android. ESP-ME to a different model type e. ESP-TM2 and you are trying to communicate with the new controller type using the previous controller card linked to prior model in the mobile app.

If you move the LNK WiFi Module to a new controller type, you will need to delete the controller card linked to the first controller type and then go through the setup process again to associate the LNK WiFi Module with the new controller type.

The encrypted password in the Rain Bird mobile app for this controller does not match the encrypted password in the LNK WiFi Module and the user attempted to connect with the wrong password bird w2 android than 3 times.

This locks out the controller from being accessed remotely for 15 minutes. If you receive this message when attempting to connect to the controller, this means another smart device is currently accessing the device. Only one mobile device can connect remotely to the controller at a time. There are two active methods that you can use to activate your sprinklers manually. The seasonal adjustment takes into account several factors when determining the daily seasonal adjustment value including:, bird w2 android.

In order to avoid programming conflicts, only one connection is allowed at a time. Once a user exits the app, it may take a minute before another user can access it. If you bird w2 android the controller by selecting the back button from the controller main menu, another user can log into the controller immediately. If a user leaves an app open, the App will disconnect from the controller after several minutes.

Reconnection can be established by selecting the controller from the primary screen. Simply click on the envelope icon to send a temporary or permanent access invitation.

Stop an automatic program cycle : After the automatic program has started, select the controller that is running from the main menu. Stop a manual zone cycle : Select the water drop icon at the bottom of the home screen to enter the Manual Zone screen. This connection method can be used either for initial setup or simple remote access to a controller. This method will allow for simple remote access to operate your system or make changes to the system schedule, but will not allow access of features such as notifications, weather data, or daily Automatic Seasonal Adjustments.

Sequence : Solid Red followed by three rapid Green flashes Action : Module is booting up and has successfully authenticated with the Rain Bird controller. Sequence : Red flashing followed by five rapid Green flashes Action : Module has successfully connected to a local WiFi network. A home or business owner can install this device with little to no assistance.

Bird w2 android on the bird w2 android card, then tap on the settings icon in the bottom right corner. Tap on Network settings. If you change your Internet Service Provider, you should not see a change in your ability to manage your controller from within or from outside of your home WiFi network, as long as your router settings have not changed.

If you decide to use a Satellite Internet Provider then you could potentially lose access to your controller from outside of your home WiFi network. The notification will also indicate whether the WiFi signal strength is strong or weak.

Delay Watering Enabled — A notification will be sent if any user enables delay watering feature. The notification will indicate how many days the system will not water before continuing regularly scheduled watering times.

Freeze Warning — A notification will be sent if the server indicates low temperature of the day is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Irrigation Event Complete — A notification will be sent when any irrigation event completes.

The notification will include the number of minutes of irrigation as well as the date and time the event completed. Inside the app settings enable global Notifications. Next, navigate into the controller card.

Once connected, select Settings icon on the bottom right corner. Expand the Notifications selector and enable each notification that you would like to receive for this controller.

If the product bird w2 android or fails to operate for any reason do not attempt to repair on your own. Your controller and App synchronize automatically to reflect the same settings and schedules.

All Rain Bird controllers contain a non-volatile internal memory. The Rain Bird mobile app is capable of managing and monitoring all available zones that are currently available in your existing controller. The Rain Bird Mobile app is also capable of managing multiple controllers bird w2 android different locations from the same app. Yes, this product can support any combination of zones configured for specific irrigation use.

This product is bird w2 android compatible with landscape lighting zones at this time. The automatic seasonal adjustment feature may bird w2 android be available for programming from the Rain Bird App.

All Rain Bird bird w2 android have terminals for a rain sensor, bird w2 android. No, Rain Bird controllers contain a non-volatile memory inside the controller that keeps programming without the need for a battery backup. The seasonal adjust value is then sent to each timer in that ZIP code.

This is done every day to ensure the watering duration is increased or reduced as local weather changes, bird w2 android. The reason why the controller is running again is because you have additional start times scheduled close to the first start time. Double check all of your start times and run times. If you have run times that amount to more watering time than the time between the start times, bird w2 android, the watering program may begin again immediately after finishing.

Example: I set it for 10 minutes per station, and its watering 5 minutes per station instead. This could be due to the Seasonal Adjust setting.

Double check the setting in the Rain Bird Mobile App or at the controller. If your controller is off and the water keeps running there is an issue with 1 or all the valves. When this happens it may be necessary to clean or replace a valve, or to call a contractor, bird w2 android. For assistance in getting a contractor referral, please call: RainBird. Make sure the mobile device is not connected to a different Rain Bird controller in hot spot mode. If it is, bird w2 android, disconnect and try to delete the other controller.

This should resolve bird w2 android issue. Tap on the picture of the controller model within this card to access the controller. When selecting an available network during controller setup in the Rain Bird mobile app, bird w2 android, only 2.

This product does not collect personally identifiable information. This product does collect key pieces information that will allow it to function correctly: 1.

Provide weather information to your controller by ZIP code for use in weather monitoring and the water-saving automatic seasonal adjustment feature. Check that a reliable internet connection is established 4.

Provide a connection from your Rain Bird App to your local irrigation controller via the internet from anywhere in the world. If you attempt to backspace a character on the WiFi password, the entire masked password is erased.

Follow these steps to reset your controller password. From the Rain Bird App, select the controller you are attempting to change passwords on. Click the settings icon on the bottom right corner of the controller screen. Go to Controller Info bird w2 android and enter a new password. Go to Network Settings and reconnect your controller to your local WiFi network, bird w2 android. Select Done at the top of bird w2 android screen.

For more detailed bird w2 android, refer to the videos and manuals found at the top of the Support page. If you are having problems with your unique email client accepting restricted bird w2 android types, please try adjusting your email client file restriction settings, or try using the standard Apple or Android email clients, bird w2 android.

A optional notification informs the owner when a connection is restored. Try the following:. First, ensure you are well within range of the controller itself. If it is not, briefly press the button on the WiFi Module. If this does not remedy, please disable and re-enable WiFi on your smart device; as occasionally smart devices scanning for WiFi networks need to be refreshed.

This issue is likely caused by the seasonal adjust setting. Double check the setting in the App or at the controller. If bird w2 android seasonal adjust is less than nominal, the run times will be shortened accordingly. For assistance in getting a contractor referral please call: RainBird. Your LNK makes daily watering adjustments but does not prevent scheduled watering events, and it may take more than 24 hours for the seasonal adjustment values to reflect actual rainfall.

To restore your backed up phone with your Rain Bird App to a different phone, you should be using the same operating system. You may have programmed multiple start times scheduled close together. If this information is correct, please wait 24 hours to allow the App to establish weather service.

If no weather data is available after 24 hours, please notify us at RainBirdApps rainbird. The weather in the app is based on the zip code set up for the timer. If you entered the zip code incorrectly, or are currently in a zip code that is different than then one at the timer, the weather may show what you expect.


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