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View and Download Palm Z22 user manual online. Palm Handheld User Guide Z Z22 Handhelds pdf manual download. Also for: na - z22 - os garnet mhz. Palm Desktop is the desktop companion software for all Palm devices. It allows users to view, sort, find, edit, back up, and add anything to Palm OS sprematn.gaegory: System Utilities. Palm Z22 freeware, get Palm Z22 free software for your Palm OS powered Palm Z22 phone. palm software search. Palm Z22 freeware, free software for Palm Z Pace Medical Applications free» Medical, Palm Z22 freeware. Send to Application Transfer data between applications. Most useful for importing data from card, eg.

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Page of Go. Page 20 - Step 2: Turning on your handheld for the Page 23 Page 24 - Switching to another desktop software ap Page 55 - How can I enter information on my handhe Page 66 - Graffiti 2 symbols and special character Page 67 - Writing Graffiti 2 shortcuts Page 68 - Graffiti 2 shortcuts Page 69 - Entering information with the onscreen k Page 70 Page 71 - Entering info from Contacts into another Page 85 - Copying contact information into multipl Page 93 - Why synchronize information Page 94 - What information is synchronized Page 95 - How to synchronize Page 96 Page 97 - Customizing your synchronization setting Page 98 Page 99 - Setting synchronization options Page - Choosing whether application information Page Page Page - Other ways of managing information Page - Importing information from other applica Page Page - Restoring archived items on your compute Page - Installing the additional software from Page - Scheduling a repeating event-unusual int Page Page - Scheduling an event that is longer than Page - Entering a location or a note for an eve Page Page - Scheduling an event with a time zone Page Page - Color-coding your schedule Page Page Page - Assigning a color code to an event Page - Setting an alarm Page - Rescheduling an event Page Page - Deleting events Page Page - Deleting all your old events Page - Checking your schedule Page Page - Viewing your daily schedule Page Page - Viewing your weekly schedule Page - Viewing your monthly schedule Page - Finding events that palm z22 applications Page - Customizing display options for your cal Page Page - Scheduling a repeating task-unusual inte Page - Adding a category Page - Renaming palm z22 applications category Page - Deleting a category Page - Placing information in a category Page Page - Placing an application in a category Page - Viewing information by category Page - Related topics Page - Chapter Managing Clock Settings Page palm z22 applications Checking the current date and time Page - Setting the primary location Page - Setting the date and time for the primar Page Page - Choosing secondary locations for other t Page Page - Setting the date and time Page Page - Resetting the date and time Page Page - Selecting formats for dates, times, and Page Page - Customizing the way you enter informatio Page - Using the full-screen writing area Page Page - Customizing Graffiti Page - Setting up shortcuts Page - Changing shortcuts Page - Correcting problems with tapping Page - Selecting sound settings Page - Entering your owner information Page - Conserving battery power Page Page - Preventing your handheld from turning on Page - Connecting your handheld to other device User Guide.

Palm z22 applications of Contents. Palm Z22 Supplementary Manual 3 pages. Palm Z22 Quick Start 2 pages. Palm, Inc. Be sure to make backup copies of all important data on other media palm z22 applications protect against data loss. Page 3: Table Of Contents Synchronizing with a user profile Page 4 Keys to success with Graffiti 2 writing Page 5 How to synchronize Page 6 Installing the additional software from the CD Page 7 Working with Tasks on your computer Page 8 Deleting an entire category of expenses Page 9 Checking the current date and time Page 10 Connecting your handheld to other devices Page 11 Chapter Getting Help Done Cue that signals the end of the procedure.

A step that you must follow; otherwise, you could experience an error or even lose information. Page Sidebars A pointer to a website where you can obtain general information about your handheld and learn the latest tips, tricks, and more.

Support A pointer to a palm z22 applications where you can find help if you experience problems with a specific feature or with your handheld, palm z22 applications. After the initial charge, charge your handheld at least half an hour every day. Press the power button. If you have problems with Continue with the onscreen instructions, palm z22 applications.

Synchronize by tapping Sync in the input area. Memos is called Notes in Outlook. Other info, such as Note Pad notes, is synchronized with info in Palm Desktop software. If you are not an IT Palm z22 applications that are synchronized with a user profile must be either new handhelds that Open Palm Desktop software.

From the Tools menu, select Users. Click Profiles, and then click New. Enter a unique name for the profile, and click OK twice. Select the profile from the User From the User pop-up menu, select Edit Users. Click New Profile. Create the palm z22 applications a.

Enter a unique name for the profile, and click OK. From the HotSync menu, palm z22 applications, select Conduit Settings. Select the conduit settings for the profile. Page 29 Select the profile you want to load on the handheld, and click OK. Click Yes, palm z22 applications. Done The next time you or a user synchronizes that handheld, Palm Desktop software prompts you or the user to assign a username to the handheld. Page 30 Select the profile you want to load on the handheld, and click OK.

Page Chapter 2: Your Handheld Simply recharge your handheld to access the info again. The screen is touch-sensitive. Lets you move around and display info on the screen. Page Top And Back It takes a little while for your handheld to reset when you press the reset button. The display closes automatically after two seconds. Opens the Find dialog box, where you can search for information, palm z22 applications.

See Finding information for more details. Command buttons appear at the bottom of dialog boxes and application screens. Tap the Tips icon to view shortcuts and other useful information for the screen where the icon is located. Even color-code your schedule by category. Do basic math calculations such as splitting restaurant bills and figuring the sales tax on palm z22 applications item.

Preview, palm z22 applications, try, and buy software for your handheld. Select the tabs on the Addit screen to look for bonus software. Windows only for downloads using the sync cable. Page Desktop You can also view, palm z22 applications, manage, and back up info for Note Pad.

When you synchronize your handheld with your computer, this info is updated in both places. Palm Desktop software is installed during the initial CD installation process. Palm Desktop software includes HotSync allows you to customize the settings for synchronization, palm z22 applications. Learning to move around palm z22 applications your Using menus handheld is similar.

Most Palm OS Finding palm z22 applications applications use the same set of Related topics application controls. Page Opening Applications Your handheld automatically saves your work in the current application and switches to the other application.

Category pick list and select an icon, or press a Page Using The 5-way Navigator On most screens, palm z22 applications, one item—a button, a list entry, or an entire screen—is highlighted by default. The highlight identifies what element will be affected by your next action. Use the 5-way to move the highlight from one item to another onscreen.

Page 47 This highlights an entry on a list screen. Blinking cursor This tells you that you can enter text at that point. Page Moving Around On The Home Screen In dialog boxes, use the 5-way to select a button or to make a selection from items such as boxes and pick lists. Scrolls to the next or previous application category. Page Using Menus When the menus are open, you can use the 5-way to select menus and menu items.

Tap Menu in the input area. Application name Select an item from the leftmost menu, or use the 5-way to highlight a different menu, and then select a menu item.

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palm z22 applications


Palm Z22, small, light weight, portable and easy to use. This was an upgrade from a Zire and it looked to be easier to use and it is. The hotsync to the computer is easy and transfers from the computer back to the Palm are easy as well.4%(64). Designed to be attractive to first-time users, the Palm Z22 included many of the basic applications made famous by the iconic Palm family of handheld PDAs. Positioned as an entry level PDA and priced below the $ price mark it lacked pricy extras such as: a camera, an Manufacturer: Palm. Palm® Z22 Handheld 2 CHAPTER 1 Your Handheld What’s on my handheld? Front Screen Displays the applications and information on your handheld. The screen is touch-sensitive. Clock icon Displays the current time and date. Input area Lets you enter info with Graffiti® 2 writing or open the onscreen keyboard. Power button Turns your handheld on or off and lets you turn Keylock on (if active).